8.8 Geological Sciences Course Descriptions-1000 Level
Course Code
GEOL 1340  Credits View Details
Title The Dynamic Earth 
Description (Lab required) An introduction to dynamics of the Earth's interior and surface that created the environment in which life evolved and that continue to change the world in which people now live. Not to be held with the former GEOL 1440 or the former GEOL 2250. Required for students intending to proceed in further courses in the Geological Sciences 

Course Code
GEOL 1400  Credits View Details
Title Time-Trekker's Travelog: Our Evolving Earth 
Description Take a trip across billions of years, as we explore awesome times in the evolution of our planet and its life -- from dust to us! Not to be held with GEOL 1350. 

Course Code
GEOL 1410  Credits View Details
Title Natural Disasters and Global Change 
Description Discover how and when natural disasters occur, and how to identify and recognize them. Explore the Earth processes that lead to natural disasters and global change. Not to be held with the former GEOL 1360. 

Course Code
GEOL 1420  Credits View Details
Title Exploring the Planets 
Description Discover the Solar System as we explore ancient ideas and modern concepts. Emphasis will be on recent space exploration and a comparison of the Earth and its neighbours. Not to be held with the former GEOL 1370.