8.8 Geological Sciences Course Descriptions-2000 Level
Course Code
GEOL 2060  Credits View Details
Title Introductory Geophysics 
Description (Lab Required) An introduction to geophysical exploration, Earth physics, satellite geophysics and remote sensing. Emphasis will be on quantitative modeling and will include geophysical measurements and handling of data. Prerequisites: [GEOL 1340, or (GEOL 1440) (C)], and [MATH 1300, or MATH 1310, or MATH 1500, or MATH 1510, or MATH 1520, or MATH 1530 (C)], and [PHYS 1020, or PHYS 1050 (C)], or permission of department head. 

Course Code
GEOL 2390  Credits View Details
Title Environmental Geology 
Description Examination of geological processes and material as they interact with human activities, environmental planning, and management. Also available by correspondence. Prerequisite: [ Minimum 3 credit hours of university-level geology] or [GEOG 1290 or GEOG 1291], or [the former GEOG 1200 or GEOG 1201]. 

Course Code
GEOL 2440  Credits View Details
Title Structural Geology 1 
Description (Lab Required) Elementary mechanical principles of rock deformation, brittle and continuous deformation, geometry of faults, folds, joints, cleavage, lineations. Descriptive geometric and stereonet solution to structural geology problems, cross sections, structural contour maps. Prerequisite: GEOL 1340 (C+), and [MATH 1300, or MATH 1210, or MATH 1500, or MATH 1510, or MATH 1520]. 

Course Code
GEOL 2500  Credits View Details
Title Introduction to Mineralogy 
Description (Lab Required) An introduction to the chemistry, physics and classification of minerals. Brief, systematic description of about 200 of the most important minerals. Laboratory: hand specimen identification. Not to be held with the former GEOL 2540. Prerequisites: GEOL 1340 (C+) and [40S Chemistry or CHEM 0900 (Pass)]. CHEM 1300 is highly recommended. 

Course Code
GEOL 2520  Credits View Details
Title Igneous and Metamorphic Petrology 
Description (Lab Required) The classification, occurrence and origin of igneous and metamorphic rocks. The study and identification of rocks using hand specimens and thin sections. Prerequisites: [GEOL 2500 and GEOL 2800] or [ the former GEOL 2540]. 

Course Code
GEOL 2530  Credits View Details
Title Introductory Sedimentary Petrology and Stratigraphy 
Description (Lab Required) An introduction to sedimentary deposits and principles of stratigraphic analysis. Occurrence, classification and origin of sedimentary deposits. Facies concept, stratigraphic classification and correlation. Prerequisites: [GEOL 2500 and GEOL 2800] or [the former GEOL 2540]. 

Course Code
GEOL 2570  Credits View Details
Title Energy and Mineral Resources 
Description An introduction to the geological factors and processes responsible for the origin, concentration and distribution of fuels, geothermal resources, metallic and nonmetallic minerals. Available by correspondence only. Not for credit in a Major or Honours program in Geological Sciences. Prerequisite: Any university-level Geology course. 

Course Code
GEOL 2770  Credits View Details
Title Principles of Inorganic Geochemistry 
Description (Lab Required) The cosmic abundance of the elements, nucleosynthesis, geological differentiation of the elements; chemical petrology of igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks. An introduction to aqueous and low-temperature geochemistry. Prerequisite: [GEOL 2500 or the former GEOL 2540] and [MATH 1300, or MATH 1210, or MATH 1500, or MATH 1510, or MATH 1520]. Pre or Corequisite: CHEM 1300

Course Code
GEOL 2800  Credits View Details
Title Optics and Spectroscopy of Minerals 
Description (Lab Required) Use of the petrographic microscope; microscopic recognition of common rock-forming minerals; introduction to spectroscopic techniques in geosciences (including optical, vibrational and luminescence techniques). Pre- or Corequisite: GEOL 2500 or the former GEOL 2540.