8.8 Geological Sciences Course Descriptions-3000 Level
Course Code
GEOL 3110  Credits View Details
Title Petrogenesis of Igneous Rocks 
Description (Lab Required) Crystallization processes in magma and resultant textures; physical, chemical, and kinetic processes of magmatic systems. Prerequisites: GEOL 2520 and GEOL 2770

Course Code
GEOL 3130  Credits View Details
Title Communication Methods in the Geological Sciences 
Description (Lab Required) Practice in oral and written description of geologic subjects; tools of library and database research; manuscript organization; abstract writing; computer-aided table, figure, and slide preparation. Prerequisites: GEOL 2440 and GEOL 2520 and GEOL 2530. This course is for students in the Honours and Major Geological Sciences programs only. 

Course Code
GEOL 3140  Credits View Details
Title Gemology 
Description (Lab Required) An introduction to the scientific study of natural and synthetic gem materials, methods of their identification and principles of gemstone appraisals. Laboratory: identification of gemstones using optical methods. Prerequisites: [GEOL 2500 and GEOL 2800] or [the former GEOL 2540]. 

Course Code
GEOL 3310  Credits View Details
Title Paleontology 
Description (Lab Required) The study of fossils: invertebrate paleontology, with an introduction to paleontologic principles, vertebrate paleontology, and paleobotany. Prerequisite: GEOL 1340 (C+) or the former GEOL 1440 (C+) or permission of department head. 

Course Code
GEOL 3420  Credits View Details
Title Engineering Geology 
Description Engineering properties of rocks and soils, laboratory testing and site investigations in engineering geology. Engineering geology of tunnels, bridges, dams, reservoirs, shorelines, sanitary landfills, landslides, seismic risk areas, etc. Prerequisites: GEOL 2440 and GEOL 2520 and GEOL 2530.  

Course Code
GEOL 3440  Credits View Details
Title Structure and Metamorphism 
Description (Lab required) Structural and metamorphic geology, links between deformation and metamorphism, and the application of pressure-temperature and time paths to study metamorphic equilibria. Not to be held with the former GEOL 3290. Prerequisites: GEOL 2440 and GEOL 2520 and GEOL 3910.  

Course Code
GEOL 3450  Credits View Details
Title Hydrogeology 
Description (Lab required) The hydrologic cycle and basic hydrologic processes; properties of aquifers and principles of groundwater flow; well hydraulics and groundwater resource evaluation; regional groundwater flow and subsurface geology; and basic chemical hydrogeology. May not be held with CIVL 4250. Prerequisites: [MATH 1500 or MATH 1501 or MATH 1510 or MATH 1520 (C)] and [PHYS 1020 or PHYS 1021 or PHYS 1050 or PHYS 1051 (C)] and [CHEM 1300 or CHEM 1301 (C)] and [GEOL 2060 or GEOG 2310 (C)] and [GEOL 2530 (C)].  

Course Code
GEOL 3490  Credits View Details
Title Glacial Geology and Geomorphology 
Description (Lab required) Principles of landform development with emphasis on glacial deposition. Aerial photo and map interpretation in lab. Not to be held with the former GEOG 3580. Prerequisite: GEOL 2530.  

Course Code
GEOL 3740  Credits View Details
Title Exploration Seismology 
Description (Lab required) Collection of seismic data (land and sea); simple elastic wave theory; geometry of refraction and reflection seismology; rock velocity determination; seismic noise and signal; data corrections; data enhancement techniques; representation of data; survey procedures. Prerequisites: [GEOL 2060 (C)] and [MATH 1500 or MATH 1501 (C) or MATH 1510 (C) or MATH 1520 (C) or the former MATH 1530 (C) or MATH 1690 (C)].  

Course Code
GEOL 3750  Credits View Details
Title Geology and Geophysics of the Planets 
Description (Lab required) Physical and chemical nature of the inner and outer planets and their satellites, asteroids and meteorites. The application of geophysical, geochemical and petrological techniques to planetology; remote sensing study of geological features of planetary surfaces and atmospheres. Prerequisites: GEOL 2060, GEOL 2520, and GEOL 2530, or permission of department. 

Course Code
GEOL 3810  Credits View Details
Title Applied Geophysics 
Description (Lab required) The application of geophysical methods in exploration and in environmental and engineering projects. Prerequisite: [GEOL 2060] and [GEOL 2500 or the former GEOL 2540].  

Course Code
GEOL 3900  Credits View Details
Title Sedimentology 
Description (Lab Required) The study of depositional environments of sedimentary rocks. Facies analysis and modeling of sedimentary deposits. Prerequisite: GEOL 2530

Course Code
GEOL 3910  Credits View Details
Title Introduction to Field Mapping 
Description Course introducing field mapping techniques including field navigation and basic geologic interpretations. Students are responsible for costs of room and board during the field course. Offered in the Summer Term. Prerequisites: GEOL 2440 and GEOL 2520 and GEOL 2530 and permission of department.