SECTION 7: Law Course Descriptions-3000 Level
Course Code
LAW 3012  Credits View Details
Title International Business Law 
Description Explores the legal, practical and social realities of international business transactions. 

Course Code
LAW 3014  Credits View Details
Title International Trade Law 
Description The course will deal with the doctrine, practice and policy issues in international trade and business. 

Course Code
LAW 3016  Credits View Details
Title Corporations II 
Description An advanced study of corporations law from various theoretical and practical perspectives. 

Course Code
LAW 3018  Credits View Details
Title Human Rights Law 
Description Critical and constructive study, at an advanced level, of a significant major subject or set of topics in Human Rights Law. 

Course Code
LAW 3020  Credits View Details
Title Clinical Administrative Law 
Description The primary purpose of this course is to train students in lawyering skills. Students will be required to engage in classroom work and participate in simulated exercises. Emphasis will be given to the difference between board and court advocacy. 

Course Code
LAW 3022  Credits View Details
Title Insurance Law 
Description Introduction to the basic principles of insurance law. The fundamental elements to most types of policies will be examined with particular emphasis on property and liability insurance. The terms and provisions specific insurance policies and coverages such as automobile, property, liability policies will also be covered.  

Course Code
LAW 3024  Credits View Details
Title The Legal Profession and Professional Responsibility 
Description A general introduction to the problems of professional responsibility and the ethics of lawyers individually, as well as the legal profession collectively. Topics dealt with will include ethical problems of the lawyer in the role of the advocate and in the role of counsellor (confidentiality, conflict of interest, etc.); professional responsibility in the delivery of legal service (competency, fee determination, specialization, regulation etc) and the legal profession and the public interest (governance of profession, discipline, professional liability etc) These problems are to be studied by the critical examination of case law, codes, canons, and other published materials, by classroom discussion and debate on problems; and by workshops and panels which involve practising lawyers. 

Course Code
LAW 3026  Credits View Details
Title Trademarks and Patents 
Description An in-depth examination of the law of Trade-marks and Patents, including underlying policy objectives. 

Course Code
LAW 3028  Credits View Details
Title Copyright Law 
Description An in-depth examination of the law of Copyright. 

Course Code
LAW 3030  Credits View Details
Title Research Paper B 
Description Details in each case to be worked out with the Associate Dean. 10,000 words for 3 credit hours. May not be held with LAW 3490. 

Course Code
LAW 3032  Credits View Details
Title Court of Queen's Bench Clerkship 
Description Students will be expected to provide research assistance to the Justices, and students will be asked to provide written memoranda and other research to help the Justices prepare for trail or application hearings. Discussions of legal issues may follow from the work that students do. May not be held with LAW 3250 when titled " Court of Queen's Bench Clerkship" Grading: Pass/Fail. 

Course Code
LAW 3034  Credits View Details
Title Court of Appeal Clerkship 
Description Students will be expected to provide research assistance to the Justices, and students will be asked to provide written memoranda to help the Justices prepare for hearings. Discussions of legal issues may follow from the other work that students do. Grading is on a Pass/Fail basis. 

Course Code
LAW 3050  Credits View Details
Title Commercial Law 
Description A study of secured transactions and negotiable instruments. 

Course Code
LAW 3070  Credits View Details
Title Gender and the Law 
Description An exploration of ideas about gender differentiation in law, the legal system, legal education and the legal profession. It will offer an introduction to the feminist critique of law and feminist theories about sexual equality and discrimination. 

Course Code
LAW 3090  Credits View Details
Title Children and the Law 
Description Relationships between child, family, state and law are examined within an interdisciplinary context, focusing on such issues as rights theories and the public/private distinction; regulation of young offenders, child protection and state intervention; and child victims in the courts. 

Course Code
LAW 3120  Credits View Details
Title Philanthropy and the Law 
Description This course investigates the origins of, and regulation of, charities and charity law as well as regulation of other non-profit entities. Typical topics considered in this course include the social, economic and cultural importance of an ethic of giving, the tax benefits attendant upon charitable status, dimensions of fund-raising, public and private foundations and terrorism and international charities. 

Course Code
LAW 3132  Credits View Details
Title Clinical Family 
Description This course will serve as a bridge between the introductory family law course and the Advanced Family Law course, enabling students to develop a deeper understanding of the issues in this area of the law and to be better prepared to assimilate the necessary skills to be successful in this high demand area of practice. May not be held with LAW 3250 when titled Clinical Family. Registration restricted to students in Year 3. Prerequisite LAW 2640. Grading: Pass/Fail.  

Course Code
LAW 3170  Credits View Details
Title Dispute Resolution 
Description This course offers a detailed exploration of the theory and practice of dispute resolution focusing on the various approaches, private and court-connected, currently used to resolve conflict. In critically examining selected alternative dispute resolution mechanisms, the course exposes students to issues such as rights-based and interest-based dispute resolution, power, gender and culture in ADR processes and the functions, and skills required of, third party interveners. May not be held with the former LAW 3160 or LAW 3162. 

Course Code
LAW 3210  Credits View Details
Title Competitions A 
Description Credit for selected students who satisfactorily participate in those academic competitions approved by Faculty Council. Grading: Pass/Fail. 

Course Code
LAW 3212  Credits View Details
Title Immigration Law 
Description The refugee definition; the need for refugee protection; procedural protection for refugee claimants; a comparative study of refugee determination systems; the legality of a refugee sanctuary movement; the legal status of refugee claimants in Canada; refugee and immigrant detention; the relevance of Charter guarantees to refugees and immigrants; visa requirements and airline fines; the international system of refugee protection; racist intention and effect in immigration and refugee law; material misrepresentation as a ground of exclusion; medical inadmissibility; equivalence of Canadian and foreign criminal offenses for purposes of exclusion; the relevance of foreign laws in determining family composition of sponsored immigrants. May not be held with LAW 3200.