SECTION 4: Academic Regulations Section 4: Academic Regulations

All students are asked to note that some academic policies and regulations are under review and are subject to change. Please check the Web Calendar at for updated information.

The provisions of the chapter, General Academic Regulations and Requirements, and the chapter, University Policies, apply to all students. In addition, the Faculty of Law has regulations and requirements, published below, that apply specifically to its students.

4.1 Residence requirements for the Juris Doctor Degree

To obtain the Juris Doctor (J.D.) degree from the University of Manitoba, ordinarily a student must successfully complete two of the three years of the Juris Doctor (J.D.) program at the University of Manitoba. The remaining year may be completed at another law school as approved by the Admissions Committee or the Dean’s office.

4.2 Licence to Practise Law

Graduates who wish to practise must apply to the Law Society of the province in which they wish to practise. Law societies generally require applicants to complete a bar admission course  The Law Society must be satisfied as to the good character and repute of its applicants, as well as their academic competence and qualifications. Inquiries with regard to the Province of Manitoba should be made to the Law Society of Manitoba.

4.3 Regulations of the Faculty of Law

Regulations of the Faculty of Law, as amended from time to time governing attendance, evaluation, prizes, and progression may be consulted at the Faculty’s website (

4.4 Miscellaneous Registration Matters

The Associate Dean’s office shall, subject to appeal to the Academic Affairs Committee, consider and determine all applications from students admitted to the faculty for permission: (i) to take part of their law studies at another university under a letter of permission with conditions; (ii) to defer their law studies for a period of one or more academic years after successfully completing first or second year, and to permit such students to re-register following such an absence with conditions; (iii) to withdraw before completing the academic year for which they are registered and to permit, in the case of a student who withdraws from first year under exceptional circumstances, that student to re-register for a subsequent academic year as a supernumerary student, and in the case of a second or third year student, to permit such student to re-register for a subsequent academic year; in all cases with or without conditions; (iv) to switch from the full-time program to the half-time program and vice versa.