SECTION 7: Law Course Descriptions-1000 Level
Course Code
LAW 1102  Credits View Details
Title Contracts 
Description This course covers the basic principles of contract law, including how a contract is formed; what is an offer; what constitutes acceptance; whether all promises are enforceable as a contract; when parties should be allowed to avoid obligations; what happens if one party misrepresents the quality of subject matter of the contract; what happens when a party makes a mistake about what they buy or sell; what should happen if one party takes advantage of another for a better deal for themselves. May not be held with LAW 1100.  

Course Code
LAW 1140  Credits View Details
Title Criminal Law and Procedure 
Description A general introduction to criminal law and procedure dealing with principles of criminal liability, common defenses to criminal charges, selected specific offences, and the basic procedures to be followed in the administration of criminal justice in Canada. 

Course Code
LAW 1460  Credits View Details
Title Constitutional Law 
Description An examination of the legal problems arising from the nature of the Canadian political structure and, in particular, the distribution of legislative powers between the federal parliament and the provincial legislatures and an introduction to the impact of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. 

Course Code
LAW 1480  Credits View Details
Title Torts and Compensation Systems 
Description A general introduction to the law of torts and other compensation systems such as the Workers' Compensation and Criminal Injuries Compensation schemes. 

Course Code
LAW 1500  Credits View Details
Title Property 
Description A general introduction to the principles of property with special emphasis on the principles of real property, their historical development and modern application. 

Course Code
LAW 1530  Credits View Details
Title Legal System 
Description An introduction to the study of law including initial analysis of various aspects of legal history, the structure of the legal system, legal reasoning, statutory interpretation, dispute resolution and the role of the judiciary. 

Course Code
LAW 1540  Credits View Details
Title Legal Methods 
Description An introduction to legal research and writing skills and oral advocacy. Grading: Pass/Fail