Chapter Contents

SECTION 1: Degree Programs Offered

SECTION 2: The Profession and the Faculty of Law

2.1    The Study of Law

2.2    Clinical Learning

2.3    Research and Publications

2.4    Faculty of Law Centres of Excellence

2.5    Student Organizations

SECTION 3: Admission to the Faculty of Law

3.1    Course Requirements for Admission to J.D. Program

SECTION 4: Academic Regulations

4.1    Residence Requirements for J.D. Degree

4.2    Licence to Practise Law

4.3    Regulations of the Faculty of Law

4.4    Miscellaneous Registration Matters

SECTION 5: Program Requirements

5.1    Juris Doctor Admission as of September 2018

5.2    First Year Admission Before September 2018

5.3    Second Year Only Admission Before September 2018

5.4    Second Year or Third Year Admission Before September 2018

SECTION 6: Registration

SECTION 7: Law Course Descriptions