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Classics Program Information

The department offers a program of study leading to the Master of Arts degree.

Supplemental Regulations

Individual units may require specific requirements above and beyond those of the Faculty of Graduate Studies, and students should consult unit supplemental regulations for these specific regulations on the Graduate Studies website at

Admission Requirements

In addition to the minimum admission requirements of the Faculty of Graduate Studies found in the Graduate Studies Regulations Section of this Calendar, demonstrated proficiency in ancient Greek and Latin and an honours B.A. or its equivalent in Greek, Latin or Classics is a prerequisite for admission to the M.A. Program.

Applicants are normally expected to have completed at least 18 credit hours in ancient Greek and Latin, with no fewer than 6 credit hours in each language. Applicants are also expected to have achieved a cumulative grade-point average of 3.5 in the Greek and Latin courses that they have completed. Applicants without these qualifications but with alternative, relevant expertise in the areas of ancient history or archaeology should contact the graduate chair and/or potential advisors before submitting a formal application. Knowledge of French and/or German is not required but is desirable.

Applicants are assessed on the basis of their transcripts (especially the consistent quality of coursework in Classics and related fields), fit of interests with potential advisors, and a statement of research interests. This statement should be submitted with the formal application and should indicate the applicant’s areas of interest for the M.A. research thesis.

Application Deadlines

Students should complete and submit their online application with supporting documentation (if applicable) by the date indicated in the following table:


Start Date




March 1

Program Requirements

Minimum program requirements of the Faculty of Graduate Studies are found in the Graduate Studies Regulations Section of this calendar.

Students are required to complete 3 credit hours in GRK or LATN courses at the 7000 level, 3 credits of CLAS Archaeology or Ancient History courses at the 7000 level, and 6 additional credit hours at the 7000 level in the area of specialization. In consultation with the advisor, students may elect up to 12 additional credit hours at the 3000, 4000 or 7000 level. The student must complete the thesis/practicum at the University of Manitoba.

All students must complete GRAD 7500 Academic Integrity Tutorial (0 credit hours). Students newly admitted to a graduate program must successfully complete this course within the first term of registration, unless the course has been completed previously.

Language Reading Requirements: Latin and Greek

Expected Time to Graduate: 2 years. See 4.4.7 Time in Program.

Ph.D. in Classics

There is no Ph.D. program in the Department of Classics.