Disability Studies
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Disability Studies Program Info

The focus of the program allows students to examine the policies and practices of all societies in order to understand the social, rather than the physical or psychological determinants, of the experience of disability. This focus shifts the emphasis from a prevention, treatment, remediation paradigm to a social, cultural, political one.

We offer an interdisciplinary Master’s Degree Program in Disability Studies. We also offer a graduate level Option in Disability Studies that is available to both Master’s and Doctoral students.

Students in the Master’s Program will have the opportunity to apply their undergraduate degrees and work experience to pursue advanced interdisciplinary research and scholarship. Students taking the Option in Disability Studies will complement their major program area of study with course work which analyses the social construction of disability.

Supplemental Regulations

Individual units may require specific requirements above and beyond those of the Faculty of Graduate Studies, and students should consult unit supplemental regulations for these specific regulations on the Graduate Studies website at

M.A./M.Sc. in Disability Studies

Admission Requirements

Admission requirements are those of the Faculty of Graduate Studies found in the Graduate Studies Regulations Section of this Calendar. Graduates of honours or equivalent programs at the University of Manitoba (or equivalent from other recognized universities) with a minimum Grade Point Average (GPA) of 3.0 in the last 60 credit hours, are eligible for direct admission to a course of study leading to the Master’s degree. Students who have completed a University of Manitoba Pre-Master’s program with a minimum GPA of 3.0 are also eligible for admission. Pre-Master’s programs taken at other universities may be accepted.

Students who wish to pursue the M.Sc. are required to have an undergraduate degree in Science.

Students with undergraduate degrees from a wide range of disciplines – such as Architecture, Arts, Education, Human Ecology, Engineering, Law, Management, Medical Rehabilitation, Medicine, Nursing, Physical Education and Recreation Studies, Science, Social Work and Women’s Studies - will be considered eligible to apply if they meet the above requirements.

Further information can be found at

Application Deadlines

Students should complete and submit their online application with supporting documentation (if applicable) by the date indicated in the following table:


Start Date





June 1

March 1



October 1

July 1

Students who wish to apply for scholarships and fellowships need to have their applications in by February 1 (for a September admission) or one month prior to the University’s deadline for the scholarship application.

Program Requirements

Minimum program requirements of the Faculty of Graduate Studies are found in the Graduate Studies Regulations Section of this calendar.

All students must complete GRAD 7500 Academic Integrity Tutorial (0 credit hours). Students newly admitted to a graduate program must successfully complete this course within the first term of registration, unless the course has been completed previously.

All students in the Disability Studies Program are required to complete 24 credit hours of coursework plus a thesis.

All students: -- DS 7010, DS 7020, DS 7030, DS 7040 (15 Credit Hours)

M.A. Students: -- An external 3 credit hour research methods course and two 3 credit hour elective courses in the arts and social sciences area, above the 4000 level.

M.Sc. Students: -- An external 3 credit hour research methods course and two 3 credit hour elective courses in a science based area, above the 4000 level.

Expected time to graduate: 2 years. See 4.4.7. Time in Program.

Option in Disability Studies


The Option in Disability Studies is offered to students in faculties and departments that currently have a graduate program. Upon completion of the requirements, a concentration in Disability Studies will be recorded on the student’s transcript. For information concerning the option, interested students are directed to their student advisor or to the Director of Disability Studies.

Program Requirements

The Option in Disability Studies requirements are DS 7010 (6) Disability Studies and either DS 7020 (3) The History of Disability or DS 7030 (3) Evaluation and Application of Research Methods in Disability Studies.