Curriculum, Teaching and Learning-Course Descriptions
Course Code
EDUB 7142  Credits View Details
Title Topics in Curriculum, Teaching, and Learning 
Description An advanced study of practices, ideas, and theories in curriculum, teaching and/or learning. The specific topics will vary to reflect changing priorities, trends, and interests in the field of curriculum studies. Students can earn multiple credits for this course only when the topic subtitle is different. 

Course Code
EDUB 7150  Credits View Details
Title Seminar in Reading and Response to Literature 
Description This course is designed to familiarize students with the historical and philosophical trends in reading and response to literature; it will survey major developmental reading and literary response trends, examine the epistemological assumptions associated with those developments and explore the developing thought in how students process written texts, in particular, literary tests. The course will also examine curricular implications in reading and literary response. 

Course Code
EDUB 7160  Credits View Details
Title Language Teacher as Researcher 
Description The purpose of this course is to investigate the characteristic parameters of teachers as researchers in the context of their own classroom. Three fundamental principles provide a curricular perspective to guide the participants: voice, conversation, and community. With this perspective, the language teacher engages in classroom inquiry with the goal of understanding language and teaching through the learners as curricular informants. May not be held with EDUB 7161

Course Code
EDUB 7180  Credits View Details
Title Research in Written Composition 
Description A critical analysis of research and research methods in written composition process and pedagogy. Consideration will be given to classic studies, historical development, current trends and research, and evaluation procedures as they apply to the study and teaching of writing. May not be held with EDUB 7181

Course Code
EDUB 7190  Credits View Details
Title Research in Language for Learning 
Description A critical study of the research literature in how language can support learning in all areas of schooling. The course will focus on the role of language in supporting learning in all subject areas and will specifically investigate the research about the role of talking, reading, and writing as tools for learning. May not be held with EDUB 7191

Course Code
EDUB 7210  Credits View Details
Title Seminar in E.S.L. Theory and Practice 
Description Opportunity will be given to examine critically the major theories and methodologies used in E.S.L. instruction and research. 

Course Code
EDUB 7212  Credits View Details
Title Critical Applied Linguistics in a Global Context 
Description We will examine the role of English comparatively and internationally in a variety of educational systems and regimes, relating the micro-relations of applied linguistics to the macro relations of society, exploring the roles of critical theory in language teaching and learning, and developing self-reflexivity as scholars in second language education. 

Course Code
EDUB 7220  Credits View Details
Title Research Issues and Application in TESL (Teaching English as a Second Language) 
Description This course focuses on a survey of ESL and language development research issues, procedures, and findings. This research review will serve as the basis for students to plan individual research and conduct a pilot study. 

Course Code
EDUB 7250  Credits View Details
Title Theoretical Foundations of the Social Studies 
Description An examination of the development of social studies education, including the theories, research, ideas and ideologies that have and continue to shape social studies curriculum and pedagogy. 

Course Code
EDUB 7260  Credits View Details
Title Seminar in Social Science Education 
Description An examination of current trends and developments in social science education as they affect the school curriculum at all grade levels, K-12. Particular attention will be paid to questions of curriculum contents, teaching strategies and student evaluation. 

Course Code
EDUB 7270  Credits View Details
Title Culture, Citizenship and Curriculum 
Description An examination of the role of school curricula in preserving, transmitting and transforming conceptions and practices of culture and citizenship, with particular reference to social and political education in schools. 

Course Code
EDUB 7280  Credits View Details
Title Early Years Curriculum: Philosophical Traditions and Future Directions 
Description An exploration and evaluation of models, issues, and priorities in Early Years curriculum (K-4). Participants will design curriculum which realizes and particularizes the theories, models, concepts and engagements being examined in the course. May not be held with EDUB 7281

Course Code
EDUB 7290  Credits View Details
Title Curriculum Research in Early Years: Young Children and Social Semiotics 
Description An investigation of the social nature of learning and children's use of semiotic systems (language, art, music, dance, drama, and mathematics) as ways of knowing in the Early Years (K-4) classroom. Participants will conceive, organize, and conduct a research project that allows them to develop an understanding of children's use of one or more semiotic systems within a curriculum context. 

Course Code
EDUB 7330  Credits View Details
Title Inquiry in Curriculum and Instruction 
Description An examination of the issues involved in critiquing and synthesizing inquiry in curriculum and instruction studies in the humanities and social sciences. The course will also introduce students to the variety of ways in which inquiry may be conducted in instructional settings and will focus on how the research on curriculum and instruction can be validly synthesized across studies. 

Course Code
EDUB 7350  Credits View Details
Title Independent Studies in Curriculum: Humanities and Social Sciences 
Description Independent study of selected issues related to curriculum and instruction in the humanities and social sciences. This course may be used for field studies. 

Course Code
EDUB 7390  Credits View Details
Title Curriculum in Vocational Education 
Description A review of the major curriculum changes in vocational education with reference to the public school, the community college and post-compulsory institutions. Emphasis will be on models, supportive research and curricular design strategies. 

Course Code
EDUB 7416  Credits View Details
Title Teaching and Learning in Post-Secondary Education 
Description An in-depth study of teaching and learning in post-secondary education contexts grounded in current theoretical, research and pedagogical literatures. 

Course Code
EDUB 7420  Credits View Details
Title Study of Teaching 
Description Views of teaching, paradigms, and methodologies for studying teaching and carrying out inquiries into teaching. May not be held with EDUB 7421

Course Code
EDUB 7430  Credits View Details
Title Trends in Vocational Education 
Description An examination of the historical trends in vocational education as influenced by a changing society. Special emphasis will be placed on the contributions of individuals on the impact of federal and provincial legislation as it affects vocational education. 

Course Code
EDUB 7440  Credits View Details
Title Seminar in Home Economics Education 
Description An application of current research to the design, implementation and evaluation of programs in home economics education.