4.13.7 Statistics Course Descriptions-1000 Level
Course Code
STAT 1000  Credits View Details
Title Basic Statistical Analysis 1 
Description (Lab required) This course is not recommended for students in certain programs (see the description of STAT 1150). An introduction to the basic principles of statistics and procedures used for data analysis. Topics to be covered include: gathering data, displaying and summarizing data, examining relationships between variables, sampling distributions, estimation and significance tests, inference for means. May not be held with STAT 1001, STAT 1150, STAT 2220. Prerequisite: Any grade 12 or 40S Mathematics, or equivalent. 

Course Code
STAT 1150  Credits View Details
Title Introduction to Statistics and Computing 
Description (Lab required) This course is recommended for students in mathematically rich disciplines, including Statistics, Mathematics, Actuarial Science, Computer Science, and related interdisciplinary programs. Topics to be covered include: summarizing and displaying large datasets, sampling, estimation and significance tests, probability calculations, random variables and probability distributions, introduction to regression and correlation analysis, statistical software. Not to be held with STAT 1000, STAT 1001, STAT 2000, STAT 2001 and STAT 2220. Prerequisite: Minimum of 70% in Pre-calculus Mathematics 40S or a grade of B or better in Mathematical Skills (MSKL 0100) offered by Extended Education or equivalent.