Chapter Contents


SECTION 1: Application, Admission, and Registration Policies

1.1    Application and Admission Procedures

1.2    Registration Procedures

1.3    Course Classifications

1.4    Student Status/Categories of Students

1.5    Student Accessibility

SECTION 2: Academic Performance – General

2.1    General Note

2.2    Bona Fide Academic Requirements (BFAR)

2.3    Academic Performance

2.4    Performance in Coursework

2.5    Mandatory Academic Integrity Course

2.6    Mandatory Research Integrity Online Course

2.7    Graduate Focus on Aging Concentration

SECTION 3: General Regulations – Pre-Master’s

3.1    Admission and Program Requirements

3.2    Academic Performance

SECTION 4: Master's Degrees General Regulations

4.1    General

4.2    Diploma Programs

4.3    Admission

4.4    Program Requirements

4.5    Student's Advisor and Co-Advisor

4.6    Advisory Committee

4.7    Courses and Performance

4.8    Requirements for Graduation

4.9    Style and Format

4.10   Details for Submission of the Final Copy

4.11   Publication and Circulation of Thesis/Practicum

4.12   Final Requirements and Deadlines for Graduation

SECTION 5: Doctor of Philosophy General Regulations

5.1    Admission

5.2    Student's Advisor, Co-Advisor and Advisory Committee

5.3    Program of Study

5.4    Program Requirements

5.5    Time Limits

5.6    Academic Performance

5.7    Academic Requirement for Graduation

5.8    Candidacy Examination

5.9    Thesis Proposal

5.10   Thesis

5.11   Thesis Examination Procedures

5.12   Oral Examinations

5.13   Graduation

5.14   Student Withdrawal

SECTION 6: Policy of Withholding Thesis Pending a Patent Application

SECTION 7: Extension of Time to Complete Program of Study

SECTION 8: Leaves of Absence

8.1    Regular Leave

8.2    Exceptional Leave

8.3    Parental Leave

8.4    Awards and Leave of Absence

8.5    Graduate Student Vacation Entitlement

SECTION 9: Appeals - Procedures and Guidelines

9.1    General

9.2    Definitions

9.3    Types of Appeal

9.4    Admission Appeals

9.5    Academic Appeals

9.6    Discipline Appeals

9.7    Fee Appeals

9.8    Term Work Appeals

9.9    Final Grade Appeals

9.10  Assistance with Appeals

APPENDIX 1: Thesis/Practicum Types

1.0    Regular Style

2.0    Manuscript/Grouped Manuscript Style

The Faculty of Graduate Studies Academic Guide contains all the rules and policies pertaining to the Faculty of Graduate Studies. Adherence to these rules is of utmost importance for the effective functioning/operation of programs and for guiding and monitoring the progress of students. The integrity of the process is at stake. The major goal of this guide is to prevent potential problems that may affect the completion of a student’s program. It is the responsibility of students and the unit offering a graduate program to read and follow the policies contained herein.

All regulations as laid out in the Faculty of Graduate Studies Academic Guide are subject to revision by the appropriate bodies of the Faculty of Graduate Studies. This compendium is presented as the most recent set of regulations as a guideline for students and staff. Individual departments may have additional regulations that supplement these general regulations. All such supplementary procedures and regulations must be approved as specified by the By-Laws of the Faculty of Graduate Studies, be published and available to students, and kept on file in the Faculty of Graduate Studies Office.