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Head: Richard Milgrom
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City Planning Program Info

The M.C.P is a two-year combined academic and professional program.

Supplemental Regulations

Individual units may require specific requirements above and beyond those of the Faculty of Graduate Studies, and students should consult unit supplemental regulations for these specific regulations on the Graduate Studies website at

Master of City Planning (M.C.P.)

Admission Requirements

Applicants must meet the entrance requirements of the Faculty of Graduate Studies as found in the Graduate Studies Regulations Section of this Calendar. Please note that City Planning requires English Language Proficiency test scores above the FGS minimum requirement.

Application Deadlines

Students should complete and submit their online application with supporting documentation (if applicable) by the date indicated in the following table:


Start Date





January 15

December 1

Program Requirements

Applicants must meet the minimum program requirements of the Faculty of Graduate Studies as outlined in the Graduate Studies Regulations Section of this calendar.

The City Planning graduate program offers two streams to complete the degree – one concludes with a Capstone Project, the other a Thesis/Practicum. The program also coordinates a mentorship program with the Manitoba Professional Planners Institute.

Five core courses are required of all students in the program, along with two courses from a roster of option courses. Students in the Capstone Stream are required to complete two electives; those in the Thesis/Practicum may take electives to support their particular research interests.

Degree requirements: 51 credit hours (Capstone optional); 39 credit hours (Thesis/Practicum Option)

All students must successfully complete:

  • GRAD 7300 Research Integrity Tutorial (0 credit hours), prior to applying to any ethics boards which are appropriate to the student’s research or within the student’s first year, whichever comes first; and
  • GRAD 7500 Academic Integrity Tutorial (0 credit hours), within the first term of registration;

unless these courses have been completed previously, as per Academic Guide sections 2.5 and 2.6.


Faculty of Architecture’s Cooperative Education/Integrated Work program (Co-op/I) Graduate Option
Students may apply to the Faculty of Architecture’s Cooperative Education/Integrated Work program(Co-op/I) graduate option. Students must complete a minimum of two and maximum of three 4-month work terms to have the Co-op/I option acknowledged on their graduation parchment. For each work term, students must enroll in the appropriate course: ARCG 7150 Work Term 1 and, subsequently, ARCG 7250 and/or ARCG 7350. Each course requires submission of a written report and portfolio covering the work completed for the professional assignment. Work term courses are valued at zero credit hours and evaluated as pass/fail. These are Occasional Courses, above and beyond graduate course requirements. Additional fees will apply.

Expected Time to Graduate: 2 years. See 4.4.7 Time in Program.