4.13.5 Statistics - Mathematics Joint Honours Program 4.13.5 Statistics - Mathematics Joint Honours Program (including Co-operative Option if selected)
The departments of Statistics and Mathematics offer a joint Honours program for students wishing in depth study in Statistics and Mathematics. A Co-op Option is available.
To enter the Honours program students must have satisfied the Faculty of Science requirements for entry to the program, and have obtained a minimum grade of "B" in STAT 2150, and either MATH 1232 or MATH 1690 (or a minimum grade of "A" in MATH 1700).

To continue in the Honours program, students must maintain a minimum DGPA of 3.00.

To graduate with the B. Sc. Honours degree, a student must achieve a minimum DGPA of 3.00 and a minimum grade of ā€œCā€ on all remaining courses that contribute to the 120 credit hours of the degree.

JOINT HONOURS 120 CREDIT HOURS (comprising courses listed in chart below, and electives)
MATH 12201, MATH 12301, MATH 12321 (B), MATH 1240 STAT 2400, STAT 2800

MATH 2020, MATH 2080, MATH 2090, MATH 2150, MATH 2160, MATH 2180

STAT 3030, STAT 3100, STAT 3150, STAT 3450 STAT 4100
The following courses must be taken in Year 1 or Year 2:

STAT 11501, STAT 2150 (B)

COMP 1010

6 credit hours from the Faculty of Arts, which should include the required ā€œWā€ course

9 credit hours of approved electives

MATH 2030, MATH 3320, MATH 3322, MATH 3340, MATH 3470, MATH 3472, MATH 3440, MATH 3460

3 credit hours from MATH 2070, MATH 2170 and any 3000/4000 level Mathematics courses

3 credit hours from any 4000 level Mathematics courses

6 credit hours from any 4000 level Statistics courses

9 credit hours of approved electives

  Co-op Requirements (if selected):

SCI 3980, SCI 3990, SCI 4980, and SCI 4990 (if a 4th work term is selected)

30 Hours 30 Hours 30 Hours 30 Hours


1 Students are strongly advised to take MATH 1220, MATH 1230, MATH 1232. The following substitutions are allowed (but not advised), provided the grades indicated in brackets are achieved: MATH 1300 (A) in place of MATH 1220; MATH 1500 (A) or MATH 1510 (A) in place of MATH 1230; MATH 1700 (A) in place of MATH 1232; MATH 1690 (B) in place of MATH 1230 and MATH 1232; STAT 1000 and STAT 2000 (B) in place of STAT 1150.

(Letters in brackets indicate minimum prerequisite standing for further study.)