4.12 Psychology Program - Independent Research in Psychology 1
Active as of Fall 2018

Course Code
PSYC 3520  Credits  
Title Independent Research in Psychology 1 
Description Students carry out a research project and write a paper. Research may include historical, theoretical or experimental analyses of psychological problems. Normally available only to third and fourth year students who are in Honours Psychology or who are Psychology Majors and have completed one of: both PSYC 2250 and PSYC 2260, or both PSYC 2251 and PSYC 2261, or the former PSYC 2300. A student may not hold credit for more than two of PSYC 3520 or PSYC 3560 or PSYC 3590. Prerequisite: prearranged written consent of an individual instructor and written consent of department head. 
Faculty/School Arts 
Department Psychology