8.25 Department of Psychology - Honours Research Seminar
Active as of Fall 2018

Course Code
PSYC 4520  Credits  
Title Honours Research Seminar 
Description In first term there will be an examination of important experimental issues, and several experimental assignments. In addition, each student will propose a research project of greater scope to be conducted under the supervision of a Psychology staff member. In second term, students will carry out their projects and report their findings. Prerequisite: [90 credit hours towards honours program, including a grade of "C" or better in PSYC 3200, and three credit hours in PSYC 3340 or PSYC 3341 or the former PSYC 4570, and three credit hours in PSYC 3630 or PSYC 3631 or the former PSYC 4500] and written consent of department head. 
Faculty/School Arts 
Department Psychology