8.10.8 Theatre Program - Introductory Creative Writing
Active as of Fall 2019

Course Code
ENGL 2760  Credits  
Title Introductory Creative Writing 
Description Offers students the chance to explore the basic forms of creative writing - poetry, fiction, and drama - whether or not they have made previous formal attempts to write in these forms. A sample of the student's writing is not required for admission to this course. The format is seminar and workshop and will include, as needed, lectures on the fundamentals of creative writing. Students may not register concurrently for ENGL 2760 and ENGL 3500. Not open to students who have previously obtained credit for any of ENGL 3500 or the former ENGL 3790. Prerequisite: [a grade of "C" or better in ENGL 1200 or ENGL 1201 or ENGL 1300 or ENGL 1301] or [a grade of "C" or better in each of ENGL 1400 (the former ENGL 1310) and ENGL 1340]. 
Faculty/School Arts 
Department English, Film, and Theatre