Print Mathematics – Physics and Astronomy Joint Honours Program - Electromagnetic Field Theory
Active as of Fall 2020

Course Code
PHYS 2600  Credits  
Title Electromagnetic Field Theory 
Description (Lab Required) Electric field, electric potential, Gauss' law, capacitors, dielectric materials, magnetic fields, Ampere's law, magnetic induction, magnetic materials, displacement current, integral form of Maxwell's equations. In addition to the lectures, the course includes a tutorial session of two hours per week. May not be held with PHYS 2200 or PHYS 2201. Prerequisites: a “C” or better in one of PHYS 1070, PHYS 1071, or PHYS 2152, or a "C+" or better in PHYS 1030 or PHYS 1031; and a “C” or better in one of MATH 1232, MATH 1690, MATH 1700, MATH 1701, MATH 1710
Faculty/School Science 
Department Physics and Astronomy