Print Mathematics – Physics and Astronomy Joint Honours Program - Physics 1: Mechanics
Active as of Fall 2012

Course Code
PHYS 1050  Credits  
Title Physics 1: Mechanics 
Description (Lab Required) (Formerly 016.105) It's rocket science! Mechanics is the science of describing (Kinematics) and explaining (Dynamics) motion. The basic concepts of calculus together with laws of conservation of momentum and energy are used to develop the tools required to describe, analyze and predict the outcomes of linear and rotational motion in simple mechanical systems. A brief introduction to the Einstein theory of special relativity provides a taste of modern approaches to this subject. This course develops a strong scientific foundation for students considering a program of study in engineering or the physical sciences. Not to be held with PHYS 1020, PHYS 1021 (016.102), PHYS 1051, PHYS 1410 (016.141), PHYS 1420 (016.142), or the former courses 016.118, 016.120, or 016.127. Prerequisites: Pre-calculus Mathematics 40S (300) (or equivalent) and Physics 40S (300) (or equivalent); or PHYS 0900 (016.090) (Pass). It is strongly recommended that students attain a minimum of 80 per cent as the average of their marks in Physics 40S (300) and Pre-calculus Mathematics 40S (300). Prerequisite or concurrent requirement: One of MATH 1500, MATH 1501, MATH 1510, MATH 1520, the former 136.153 or MATH 1690
Faculty/School Science 
Department Physics and Astronomy